Update 3.1.2 — Patch Notes

Greetings, Commanders!

This patch has a dual focus. We're improving the overall metagame balance with the introduction of the Commander upgrade power limitation, while also making several balance changes. Since 3.1, we've been carefully looking at how the new FF mechanics have affected stakes, and there are now some big changes coming to them as a result of this. Alongside a stakes rebalancing, War Dogs are having their speed and survivability buffed, making them viable once again. There are a few other community led-changes here (like Numidian throw being buffed) so be sure to check out the balance section after reading about our new metagame additions.

Please note that with update 3.1.2., render scaling is now automatic. You can turn off or adjust render scaling in the advanced graphics settings.
Render scaling options

Metagame Changes

Commander Power Limitation

This patch sees the addition of the much-requested Commander talent upgrades limitation. From now on, your ability talents are limited to the unit's tier rather than the Commander's tier. This is a big step towards creating fairer matches and clearer battlefields with more predictable engagements.

  • As part of this change, now we display a notification if you could benefit from upgrading an ability and have earned enough Free XP.
  • The UI will also inform you when your upgrades are being limited.
You can see some UI screenshots of how this will be displayed below:
patchnote 312

Play Premium Units Instantly

  • Players are now able to use purchased premium units irrespective of Commander tier.
  • You will get access to all the Commander abilities for that unit tier, but only with upgrades you have unlocked.
  • You still have to own a Commander of the matching faction and make sure the unit's abilities support your Commander to use them.
  • This is a good way to try out other Commanders, and also to experience more unit diversity.
There is a UI screenshot below showing how we communicate these limitations:

Ability States Changes

Visual improvements have been made to the in-battle ability bar, displaying more clearly the various states abilities can be in.
patchnote 312

Additional UI Polish

  • Adding units to your squad is more visual and convenient
  • Time is running out notification is more visible
  • Unit icons and tier are now displayed on all unit cards in the Front End
  • We increased the content size of our central panel so it displays more information with less scrolling

Balance Changes

  • Based on high tier metrics reviews and player feedback, Vercingetorix's overall power level is scaling up too well in higher tiers.

  • The offensive output of Defiance was too high, especially when considering the unique "units can't die" effect that Defiance applies.

— Reduced the Melee Attack bonus on talents from a total of 30% to 15%
— Reduced the Melee Damage bonus on talents from a total of 30% to 15%
— Reduced the Armour Penetration Damage bonus on talents from a total of 40% to 30%
While Miltiades has always been a strong Commander for a certain part of the player base, with the recent 3.1 changes his power level has increased to unwanted levels.

His manoeuvrability and battle control capacity was too strong.


— Reduced base morale from -35 to -22
— Reduced base move speed from -26% to -16%

Infantry Charge:

— Reduced the CD reduction on the last talent from a total of 10s to 8s.
— This will effectively change the CD of Infantry charge from a total of 13s to a total 15s.

Stakes HP and Damage Reworked

Based on our player data analysis and your player feedback we have concluded that stakes are still too strong a tool for any defensive playstyle, especially with the friendly fire changes from 3.1.

  • Although their damage had been reduced, infantry were still taking too much damage from stakes, and it took too long to destroy them. In response to this we have:
    — Reduced stakes damage vs infantry by a factor of 4. It is now possible to walk over enemy stakes and take considerably less damage
    — Reduced stakes HP by 33%. It will now take less time to destroy stakes.

Dogs Unit Type Power Up

  • With the introduction of strikes, Dog units have a more difficult time surviving in melee combat.
  • In order to improve their combat survivability and make the unit feel less extreme and rather more complete we have:
    — Increased the melee defence of Dog entities by approximately 66%. They should survive better in melee combat, in particular against units with low melee attack like spears.
  • At the same the Dogs entities' speed felt insufficient, especially when trying to chase down ranged or fleeing units.
    — Increased the base speed of dog entities by 10%

Unit Abilities

Numidian Throw

The unit ability didn't feel like it was a core and consistently useful part of the unit's gameplay.
  • Reduced CD from 60s -> 30s
  • Increased the Range from 50m to 60m

Added the following stats to the phase:

  • +100% Turn Speed
  • +100% Deceleration


The damage component was not properly calibrated and thus made the ability feel underpowered.
  • Whereas before a slam would do only 20% damage of a normal hit, it now does 50% damage of a normal hit.

Other Changes


The Hispaniensis Gladius weapon upgrade was too strong, especially considering it can be unlocked as a sidegrade on lower tier units:
  • Removed the Armour Penetration Damage component.

Veteran Legionaries

The Balanced Fulham Gladius weapon upgrade was too underwhelming:
  • Increased Melee Attack from +15 to +20

The Praetorians

Formed Combat and Marching Column created too much playstyle dissonance.
  • Replaced Formed Combat with Heavy Pila.

Imperial Guard

Brace and Formed Combat ability were performing similar functional roles and were reducing the unit's versatility.
  • Replaced Brace with Heavy Pila.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed the issue where the players could not view the cloud replays if they had more than one replay on the list (this should make replays a lot more stable).
  • Active consumables no longer appear on the unit stats page as abilities.
  • The rewards breakdown pie chart now shows the victory color segment.
  • All active ammunition consumable tooltips are consistent between the front end and in battle.
  • The commander panel header is now aligned to the commander abilities header at all resolutions.
  • The new Reset button for options in the main menu has been translated to all non-English languages.
  • Unit type icons for Premium units now appear in gold in all the UI areas.
  • The unit tier highlight is still active when adding and replacing a unit in a full squad.
  • Render scaling texts have been localized.
  • UI no longer displays flaming projectile consumable as active when using Focus Fire.
  • Fixed a crash while loading the Passage of Augustus map.
  • Fixed missing string for the UNEQUIP button on the Cosmetics panel.
  • Fixed a crash caused by the consumable panel being refreshed.
  • Primary selection will no longer keep reverting to middle placement when the squad features 3 similar units.
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