Update 2.4.0 — Patch Notes

Passage of Augustus Map


The Alps were troublesome for the Romans. Emperor Augustus knew that the peoples who lived there were used to harsh conditions and that this environment had produced hardy warriors. However, he also knew that Gaul wasn’t going to remain an ally of Rome if Rome could not defend Gaul’s borders. It was with this knowledge that he sent Aulus Terentius Varro Murena to secure the Great St Bernard Pass in 25 BCE, which led to the slaughter of the Salassi tribe. The extermination of the Alpine tribes was continued in 15 BCE when Augustus’ stepsons, Drusus and Tiberius, defeated forty-five peoples from all around the Alps. By 14 BCE, the Alps were secured, never to be challenged again.


Passage of Augustus is a new map for Total War: ARENA that will start in the map rotation from Tier 5 onwards. It introduces an entirely new kind of map structure, where both teams spawn behind their bases instead of in front of them. To avoid an early defeat you must make sure your base is quickly defended, as enemies are sure to try and use the short road connecting the two to secure an early victory. While the bases themselves are easily defendable, the map layout heavily encourages flanking, with large circular roads leading to the rear of each base. The primary and secondary routes will be heavily fought over, but a cunning player may be able to use these roads to slip past enemy scouts and assault the base from behind. With skirmishes happening all over the map, and heavy fighting in the centre, this is a map that rewards strong communication and delegation and punishes chaos.

NEW - Private Lobbies

Those of you interested in trying out new tactics with your friends, working out the best route across a map or hosting a tournament, then we recommend trying out our new private lobby system. Found in the 'Social' tab, private lobbies allow you to create a customised game and invite your friends to join you. In this first iteration, you'll be able to change the map and the battle duration and invite players from the friend's list or by sending them the Game ID. There are no rewards for playing a custom game, and this means there is no post-battle screen, but this is something we are hoping to look at in a future version. A custom game will cost the organiser 5,000 silver to set up, this is to make sure you can play lots of custom battles, but not ignore the PvP entirely. You don't need 20 players to start the battle, and you don't even need even team numbers, so feel free to experiment, try taking on all your friends at once and explore the newly updated environments.

IMPROVED - VFX and visual improvements

Even though we're committed to bringing you new maps, that doesn't mean we're finished with the old ones. This update sees VFX additions and improvements for Thermopylae, Gergovia, Germania, Marathon and Rubicon alongside general visual improvements to Hadrian's Wall, Thermopylae, Rubicon and Marathon. These improvements specifically have been designed to bring more atmosphere and movement to the environments, increasing the visual quality while making sure the improvements have a minimal impact on performance and can easily be turned off. Certain locations, such as those seen below, have been given these visual overhauls to help tell the story of the map more effectively. These additions and improvements will make little change to the gameplay, but the improved visuals and added VFX (fire, smoke, water effects and atmospherical effects (windswept dust, butterflies etc)) will make the maps feel more atmospheric to play.

Below are before and after shots of a selection of some of these improved locations.

Closed Beta Rewards

Closed Beta Rewards Program - During the rest of the CBT period, players will be able to achieve certain goals which will reward items once Total War: ARENA goes into OBT.

  • Relevant UI now available on the Battle Rewards and Player Profile to track these goals.

Balancing & Content Changes

We have been working on improving our unit balancing and infrastructure pipeline. This means we now have more fine-tuned control over how we balance unit types, and includes work that will eventually allow detailed change-logs of unit statistics in future patch-notes. We aim to begin outputting comprehensive logs during the Open Beta phase, and this a step towards that goal.

With these improvements, there will be some minor fluctuation in unit stats throughout the game, outside of the changes listed below. These are due to formula updates, and not intended to shift game balance.


Alexander Anvil improvements

The scenarios in which a player can use Anvil were too restrictive and we have now extended that to allow cavalry units the use of Anvil.

  • While the design concept of immobilizing a unit remains the same, the implementation has been changed.
    — The Unorderable flag was causing too many issues and was removed. Units under the effect can now be issued movement orders, but remain Silenced.
    — The ability now applies a massive -80% speed debuff.
  • Rebalanced the ability: reduced the base duration from 15s to 10 s.
  • Adjusted tooltip to indicate new use scenarios.


Fight in the Shade and unit ability Raise Shields have now become a formation and as such can no longer be activated concurrently with another formation.

  • To be more precise Fight in the Shade and Raise Shields automatically deactivate when entering phalanx and vice versa.


Whip: base deployable construction time reduction reduced from 50% to 26%

  • Read further down the deployables improvements section for more details connected to this change.


Turn Speed

  • Most unit types have received an increase in turn speed, ranging on average from 20 - 30%
    — This is intended to increase a sense of control and responsiveness
  • Cavalry have had the most significant increase to turn speed, ranging up to 80%
    — This is intended to improve their overall dexterity, and allow them to escape from melee combat easier
  • Pikemen have not had their turn speed increased

Premium units

Re-balancing of premium units based on analytics and player feedback indicating that they were underpowered.
  • All premium units have been looked at as part of this tweak and have had their attributes adjusted.
  • We're still committed to balancing premium units by equipment tier, but the old system wasn't properly capable of taking into account the different numbers of equipment spread across the tiers. In this rebalance we looked at the metrics and statistics for premium units on a tier by tier basis and made sure that while they are still weaker than their upgraded free alternatives, the units are more competitive and able to contribute to the battle.
Some specific units have also had their abilities changed:
  • Telesilla’s Argives: Presence ability replaced with Phalanx Thrust
  • Thorax spearmen: Presence ability replaced with Phalanx Thrust
  • Myrmidons: Charge ability replaced with Phalanx Thrust


  • All cavalry can now have their depth and width adjusted to a limited degree

Shock cavalry

  • Some of the shock cavalry were too weak defensively, they both were underpowered in terms of armour and they generally do not have a shield equipped.
  • We have slightly increased the armour of the underperforming shock cavalry:
    — Gugnir Charges
    — Harbingers
    — Agema Cavalry
    — Citizen Cavalry
    — Companion Cavalry
    — Elite Companions

Slow Debuff applied by artillery boulders rebalancing

  • Reduced the artillery boulders slow debuff from 30% speed penalty to 20%


  • Falxmen's HP has been very slightly increased (4%), to help compensate for their lack of Armour & Shields
  • Falxes were intended to be good at killing heavily-armoured units, but their AP (Armour-Piercing) damage was too low to show any substantial effect. We've boosted the proportion of their damage which ignores armour. This will make falxes more effective against the most heavily-armoured units, but will leave their performance elsewhere unchanged.
    — 30% of falx damage will now ignore armour (was 15%). Total damage is unchanged.


  • Dogs charge and offensive stats have been rebalanced to counter for the removal of unwanted legacy behavior.
    — Charge bonus increased by 25%
    — AP damage increased by 60% although that the base AP absolute values remain relatively low, varying from 4 to 8.
    — Melee attack increased by 20%
    — Melee defence increased by 60% although the defence absolute values still remain relatively low, varying from 37 to 50.

Light Artillery

  • The spacing between light artillery engineers has been halved to make them a bit easier to deploy.
  • Light artillery damage has increased in damage by approximately 10%

Missile Infantry

  • All missile infantry now have increased Morale Flank Damage to allow for more situations in which they can contribute to battle

Unit Abilities

  • Unit ability Phalanx Reposition was overpowered and has now been nerfed.
    — Speed and Turn Speed reduced from 50% to 20%.
  • Deployables construction times improvements
    — Based on player feedback we have removed scenarios where Stakes/Barricades could be deployed instantly.
    — At the same time we have reduced the construction time on all barricades and stakes by aprox 50%.
    — Vitruvian Scorpions - Advanced Imperial toolkit equipment deployable construction time reduced from 30% to 20%
    — Construction times of Stakes/Barricades were too extreme on both ends (min and max) and they should now be varying from a max of 9 seconds to a min of 2 seconds.

Mount Kick

  • The ability now Silences the unit using it.
  • Duration reduced from 4s to 3s.
  • Before this change, Mount Kick dmg could have its damage massively increased through combining it with Defiance.
    — This was never intended, but was possible because of the animation delay on Mount Kick.
    — Since using Mount Kick will now Silence the unit using it, it won't be possible to apply Defiance on top of it.

Unit Equipment

Unit equipment has undergone a balance pass, with the aim of increasing worthwhile choices and options.
UnitItemstat: old multiplier —> new multiplier
AmbushersAmbusher BowMissile Armour-Piercing Damage Modifier: 1.2 —> 1.5
Knotted Night Warrior BowMissile Armour-Piercing Damage Modifier: 1.1 —> 1.4
Braced Hex ShieldMissile Block Chance: 1.1 —> 1.4
Andartas SwordsBlessed MontefortinoView Range: 1.06 —> 1.08
Archer WarbandStout BucklerMissile Block Chance: 1.15 —> 1.25
Archers Of UllrBloodthirsty BucklerMissile Block Chance: 1.1 —> 1.25
ManfellerMissile Armour-Piercing Damage Modifier: 1.2 —> 1.5
Yew Of UllrMissile Armour-Piercing Damage Modifier: 1.3 —> 1.5
Cernunnos HuntersGnarled Night Warrior BowMissile Armour-Piercing Damage Modifier: 1.13 —> 1.4
Mighty Warrior bowMissile Armour-Piercing Damage Modifier: 1.25 —> 1.5
Black Wolf MantleView Range: 1.05 —> 1.08
Chosen SwordsmenShaved HeadView Range: 1.07 —> 1.09
Winged MontefortinoView Range: 1.06 —> 1.08
Bound TrousersMovement Speed : 1.05 —> 1.07
Chosen TrousersBody Armour: 1.03 —> 1.05
Cimbri ArchersBucklerMissile Block Chance: 1.1 —> 1.3
Simple BucklerMissile Block Chance: 1.15 —> 1.2
FalxmenWarrior MontefortinoView Range: 1.06 —> 1.08
Gungnir ChargersWarrior MontefortinoView Range: 1.06 —> 1.08
Long SpearMelee Attack: 1.1 —> Removed
Long SpearMelee Weapon Damage: 1.1 —> Removed
Long SpearCharge Impact: New —> 1.04
Long SpearImpact Damage: New —> 1.19
Storm SpearCharge Impact: 1.04 —> Removed
Storm SpearImpact Damage: 1.19 —> Removed
Storm SpearMelee Attack: New —> 1.1
Storm SpearMelee Weapon Damage: New —> 1.1
Mounted WarbandMontefortinoView Range: 1.06 —> 1.08
Naked WarriorsBattersea ShieldShield Armour: 1.25 —> 1.45
Battersea ShieldShield Melee Defence: 1.45 —> 1.6
Night HuntersGnarled Night Warrior BowMissile Armour-Piercing Damage Modifier: 1.2 —> 1.5
Knotted Night Warrior BowMissile Armour-Piercing Damage Modifier: 1.16 —> 1.5
Feral Wolf PeltsView Range: 1.05 —> Removed
Flat ShieldMissile Block Chance: 1.1 —> 1.3
Braced Flat ShieldMissile Block Chance: 1.2 —> 1.4
Proven ArchersTwisted Hunting BowMissile Armour-Piercing Damage Modifier: 1.15 —> 1.3
Braced BucklerMissile Block Chance: 1.15 —> 1.25
Proven WarriorsBlessed Oval ShieldShield Melee Defence: 1.2 —> Removed
Blessed Oval ShieldShield Armour: 1.25 —> 1.3
Blessed Oval ShieldMissile Block Chance: 1.3 —> 1.35
Tall ShieldShield Melee Defence: 1.4 —> 1.5
TribesmenBattered Oval ShieldMissile Block Chance: 1.1 —> 1.12
Warg WarriorsFeral Wolf PeltsView Range: 1.05 —> 1.08
WarriorsWarrior MontefortinoView Range: 1.06 —> 1.08
Fearsome WarpaintMovement Speed : 1.04 —> 1.05
Wild WolvesStout BucklerShield Armour: 1.2 —> 1.3
UnitItemstat: old multiplier —> new multiplier
Athenian PikemenElegant Classic LinothoraxMovement Speed : 1.03 —> 1.04
Grand Classic PhrygianView Range: 1.05 —> 1.08
Cimmerian HeavyEpic Classic BowMissile Armour-Piercing Damage Modifier: 1.18 —> 1.35
ArchersAwesome Hellenic BowMissile Armour-Piercing Damage Modifier: 1.17 —> 1.35
Champion Crescent ShieldCharge Deflect: 1.05 —> 1.15
Grand Crescent ShieldCharge Deflect: 1.03 —> 1.1
Cimmerian HelmetMissile Block Chance: 1.05 —> 1.1
Cimmerian Scale ArmourCharge Deflect: 1.05 —> 1.1
Companion CavalryGraceful Archaic GreavesMovement Speed : 1.03 —> Removed
Graceful Archaic GreavesBody Armour: 1.04 —> 1.07
Cretan ArchersAwesome Hellenic BowMissile Armour-Piercing Damage Modifier: 1.2 —> 1.4
Epic Hellenic BowMissile Armour-Piercing Damage Modifier: 1.2 —> 1.4
Legendary Half LinothoraxCharge Deflect: 0.97 —> 1.2
Cycladic ArchersClassic BowMissile Armour-Piercing Damage Modifier: 1.1 —> 1.3
Splendid Archaic TunicBody Armour: 1.05 —> 1.08
Elite CompanionsExquisite Classic PhrygianView Range: 1.05 —> 1.08
Foot CompanionsGraceful Archaic GreavesMovement Speed : 1.03 —> Removed
Graceful Archaic GreavesBody Armour: 1.04 —> 1.06
GymnitaiExquisite Classic SlingMissile Armour-Piercing Damage Modifier: 1.2 —> 2
Refined Classic SlingMissile Armour-Piercing Damage Modifier: 1.35 —> 2.4
Hellenic CataphractsHeroic Hellenic CuirassMovement Speed : 0.97 —> 1.05
Hellenic PikemenExquisite Hellenic PhrygianView Range: 1.05 —> 1.08
Grand Hellenic PhrygianView Range: 1.05 —> 1.08
Helot SlingersExquisite Hellenic BoeotianMissile Block Chance: 1.08 —> 1.1
Awesome Classic SlingMissile Armour-Piercing Damage Modifier: 1.2 —> 3
Exquisite Classic SlingReload Time: 1.15 —> 0.85
Exquisite Classic SlingMissile Armour-Piercing Damage Modifier: 1.2 —> 2
Exquisite Classic SlingMissile Block Chance: 1.18 —> 1.25
Lesbos ArchersExquisite Classic BowMissile Armour-Piercing Damage Modifier: 1.1 —> 1.4
Exquisite Classic BowMissile Weapon Range: 1.12 —> 1.08
Exquisite Classic BowMissile Weapon Damage: 1.12 —> 1.15
Refined Classic BowMissile Armour-Piercing Damage Modifier: 1.1 —> 1.4
Refined Classic BowMissile Weapon Range: 1.14 —> 1.16
Graceful Archaic GreavesBody Armour: 1.04 —> 1.05
Exquisite PylosView Range: 1.12 —> 1.16
Levy SlingersDecorative AspisMissile Block Chance: 1.1 —> 1.4
Exquisite PylosBody Armour: 1.03 —> 1.05
Classic AspisShield Armour: 1.1 —> 1.15
Classic SlingMissile Armour-Piercing Damage Modifier: 1.2 —> 2
Refined SlingMissile Armour-Piercing Damage Modifier: 1.2 —> 2
Macedonian HoplitesAwesome Archaic DoruMelee Weapon Damage: 1.08 —> 1.05
Awesome Archaic DoruMelee Weapon Penetration Damage: 1.2 —> 1.4
Macedonian PikemenGrand Classic PhrygianView Range: 1.05 —> 1.08
Olympic SlingersGrand Hellenic AspisCharge Deflect: 1.05 —> 1.18
Grand Crescent ShieldCharge Deflect: 1.08 —> 1.2
Godlike PylosMissile Block Chance: 1.08 —> 1.1
Awesome Classic SlingMissile Armour-Piercing Damage Modifier: 1.2 —> 2
Exquisite Hellenic SlingMissile Armour-Piercing Damage Modifier: 1.2 —> 2
Pontic ArchersAwesome Classic BowMissile Armour-Piercing Damage Modifier: 1.2 —> 1.5
Hellenic BowMissile Armour-Piercing Damage Modifier: 1.2 —> 1.5
PsiloiExquisite PylosBody Armour: 1.02 —> 1.05
Refined SlingMissile Armour-Piercing Damage Modifier: 1.3 —> 2
Rhodian SlingersChampion Hellenic AspisCharge Deflect: 1.05 —> 1.2
Godlike Hellenic BoeotianMissile Block Chance: 1.08 —> 1.1
Champion Crescent ShieldCharge Deflect: 1.08 —> 1.18
Awesome Hellenic SlingMissile Armour-Piercing Damage Modifier: 1.2 —> 2
Epic Hellenic SlingMissile Armour-Piercing Damage Modifier: 1.25 —> 2.1
Royal CavalryGlorious Hellenic CuirassMovement Speed : New —> 1.07
Scythian ArchersAwesome Classic BowMissile Armour-Piercing Damage Modifier: 1.14 —> 1.5
Awesome Classic BowMissile Weapon Damage: 1.12 —> 1.14
Exquisite Classic BowMissile Armour-Piercing Damage Modifier: 1.1 —> 1.4
Silver Shield PikemenGodlike Hellenic PhrygianView Range: 1.05 —> 1.08
SomatophylakesHellenic CuirassMovement Speed : New —> 1.07
Grand Classic PhrygianView Range: 1.05 —> 1.08
Theban PikemenElegant Archaic LinothoraxMelee Defence: 1.12 —> 1.15
Classic LinothoraxBody Armour: 1.06 —> 1.04
Classic LinothoraxMovement Speed : 1.02 —> 1.06
Brilliant Archaic PhrygianView Range: 1.05 —> 1.15
Thorax PikemenGrand Classic PhrygianView Range: 1.05 —> 1.08
UnitItemstat: old multiplier —> new multiplier
ArcaniMasterwork Imperial Scorpion frameMovement Speed : New —> 1.06
Tuned Imperial BoltsMissile Weapon Damage: New —> 1.2
Armoured LegionariesFitted Republican GreavesMovement Speed : 1.03 —> 1.06
Augustan SkirmishersAlpha Grey Wolf PeltView Range: 1.05 —> 1.08
CenturionFitted Republican GreavesBody Armour: 1.01 —> Removed
Fitted Republican GreavesTurn Speed: 1.05 —> 1.06
Strengthened Republican GreavesTurn Speed: 1.02 —> Removed
Strengthened Republican GreavesBody Armour: 1.04 —> 1.05
CheiroballistraSturdy Torsion SpringReload Time: 0.95 —> 0.9
Eagle CohortStrengthened Lorica SegmentataMovement Speed : 0.97 —> Removed
Strengthened Lorica SegmentataMelee Defence: 1.12 —> 1.16
Elite VelitesStrengthened Muscle PectoraleMovement Speed : 0.96 —> Removed
Strengthened Muscle PectoraleBody Armour: 1.15 —> 1.12
Reinforced Imperial ScutumCharge Deflect: 1.05 —> 1.15
Alpha Black Wolf PeltView Range: 1.05 —> 1.1
White Wolf PeltBody Armour: 1.04 —> Removed
White Wolf PeltView Range: 1.05 —> 1.08
White Wolf PeltMissile Block Chance: 1.05 —> 1.15
EquitesStrengthened Plain CuirassMovement Speed : New —> 1.04
Fitted Republican GreavesMovement Speed : 1.03 —> 1.04
Fitted Republican GreavesBody Armour: 1.02 —> 1.04
Augustan Lorica HamataMovement Speed : 1.02 —> Removed
Augustan Lorica HamataBody Armour: 1.1 —> 1.2
Augustan Lorica HamataMelee Defence: 1.1 —> 1.2
Evocati CohortMasterwork Pompeii GladiusImpact Damage: 1.12 —> Removed
Masterwork Pompeii GladiusMelee Weapon Penetration Damage: 1.1 —> 1.15
Masterwork Pompeii GladiusMelee Weapon Damage: 1.1 —> 1.15
Masterwork Pompeii GladiusMelee Attack: 1.16 —> 1.2
Imperial GuardSuperior Imperial SegmentataMovement Speed : 0.96 —> Removed
Superior Imperial SegmentataCharge Impact: 1.05 —> 1.03
Superior Imperial SegmentataMelee Defence: 1.14 —> 1.18
Superior ItalicMissile Block Chance: 1.07 —> 1.15
Imperial VelitesFlawless Imperial JavelinMissile Weapon Range: 1.05 —> Removed
Imperial Javelineer ScutumCharge Deflect: 1.05 —> 1.15
White Wolf PeltBody Armour: 1.04 —> Removed
White Wolf PeltView Range: 1.05 —> 1.08
White Wolf PeltMissile Block Chance: 1.05 —> 1.15
Italian Noble CavalrySuperior BoeotianView Range: 1.15 —> 1.16
LegatusMasterwork Imperial CuirassMovement Speed : 0.95 —> 0.9
Masterwork SpathaImpact Damage: 1.15 —> Removed
Superior SpathaMelee Attack: 1.12 —> 1.1
Superior SpathaImpact Damage: New —> 1.15
LegionariesFitted Republican GreavesBody Armour: 1.02 —> 1.03
Fitted Republican GreavesMovement Speed : 1.03 —> 1.05
Augustan Lorica HamataMovement Speed : 1.03 —> Removed
Augustan Lorica HamataMelee Defence: 1.12 —> 1.15
Sturdy Lorica HamataMovement Speed : New —> 1.04
Legionary CavalrySuperior CoolusMorale: 1.05 —> Removed
Superior CoolusBody Armour: 1.12 —> 1.1
OnagerBasic Windlass CrankReload Time: 1.1 —> Removed
Medium Grade AmmunitionMissile Armour-Piercing Damage Modifier: 1.05 —> Removed
Medium Grade AmmunitionMissile Weapon Damage: 1.08 —> 1.1
PalatiniDecorated Palatini HelmetMissile Block Chance: 1.05 —> 1.1
Praetorian CavalrySuperior Manica SegmentataMovement Speed : 0.97 —> 0.95
PraetoriansSuperior ItalicMissile Block Chance: 1.07 —> 1.15
PrincipesFine Hispaniensis GladiusMelee Weapon Penetration Damage: 1.2 —> 1.35
RorariiAugustan JavelinMissile Weapon Range: 1.08 —> 1.12
Weighted Augustan JavelinMissile Weapon Range: 1.13 —> Removed
Weighted Augustan JavelinMissile Weapon Damage: 1.13 —> 1.15
Socii ExtraordinariiStrengthened Muscle CuirassMovement Speed : 0.97 —> 0.95
VelitesWeighted Augustan JavelinMissile Weapon Range: 1.13 —> Removed
Weighted Augustan JavelinMissile Armour-Piercing Damage Modifier: 1.15 —> 1.25
Black Wolf PeltView Range: 1.05 —> 1.1
VespaSturdy Windlass CrankReload Time: 0.95 —> 0.9
Veteran LegionariesStrengthened Lorica SegmentataMovement Speed : 0.95 —> 0.9
Veteran VelitesReinforced Augustan ScutumCharge Deflect: 1.05 —> 1.15
Alpha Black Wolf PeltView Range: 1.05 —> 1.1
Vitruvian ScorpionFlawless Scorpion BoltsReload Time: 0.95 —> Removed
Flawless Scorpion BoltsMissile Weapon Range: New —> 1.07
Flawless Scorpion BoltsMissile Weapon Damage: 1.05 —> 1.2

Mechanical Changes

  • Improvements to the behaviour of units in Formed Combat, primarily in how they draw their 'battle line' to decide how to orient themselves vs their opponent
    — There have also been improvements to how a unit in Formed Combat attacks a phalanx, they should now more reliably assault the phalanx without face-mashing into it
    — Units in Formed Combat now use strafe movement like a phalanx, allowing them to retain their orientation while moving in a direction
  • Artillery now manually fire when left-clicking to make it's activation more consistent with other abilities such as focus fire.
  • Adjusted the timeout victory condition to be based on the sum of the proportion of each unit's health remaining
    — Balance of power bar has been updated to rate each alliance on a scale of 0-1000
    — When the battle timer reaches 0, whichever team's rating is higher will win
    — These changes have been deliberately aimed at giving both teams an even playing field when starting the match, instead of the current situation where one team starts at a disadvantage
    — A unit with more health or entities than another unit will be considered worth the same in this new system

Points & Rewards system changes

  • Capture points can no longer be lost when leaving the base or when decapped, but are capped at 3000
  • Players now earn points for every unit they spot that has never been spotted before
  • Players now earn points for damage dealt with units that they are granting vision on that the units doing damage cannot see themselves
    — The old behaviour was simply rewarding players points for being nearby when damage happened, which ended up feeding melee units even more points while leaving scouting units granting vision to artillery and missile units point-starved

User Interface Changes

  • Achievements and decorations now display on the post-battle results screen. Additionally, achievements earned in battle shouldn't pop up on the front end.
  • Save path now displays on-screen when taking screenshots.
  • Draw tool improvements. Each player has a unique colour and there is now an indication on the UI of who is drawing.
  • Reorganised top menu tabs to highlight social and replay functions.
  • Various UI polish which includes the following changes:
    — Equipment icons now better represent their 3D counterparts.
    — Tabs should look more like buttons.
    — Various world info panel improvements.
    — Ground-type information now consistent across all relevant Battle UI.
    — Can now mouse click to exit on the victory and defeat screens.
    — Profile doughnut chart tooltips have been improved.
    — Consistency improvements for the unit icons in the profile tab.
    — Arena Logo blending improvements in the tutorial.
    — Ping & draw buttons have been moved to the minimap
    — The Silver purchase button now looks more "silver" and less "inactive".
  • Post-battle rewards screen improvements:
    — Decorations are now displayed after battle
    — Achievement display has been improved, reduced achievement "spam"
  • The "Survivability" unit stat icon has now changed. It now shows a cross (known from other games to symbolize health) and no longer a helmet.

Audio Changes

  • Adapted the music to be map-based rather than faction-based.
  • New music set for The Passage of Augustus
  • New front end music
  • Various music bug fixes

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed multiple top-logged crashes.
  • Fixed a crash causes when switching resolution.
  • Fixed a crash that was occurring when attacking Wardogs with Pikes.
  • Fixed a crash caused by selecting a split unit on a ledge.
  • Fixed a crash caused when converting Unit XP to Free XP.
  • Fixed a crash caused by rapidly swapping units on the squad panel.
  • Fixed a crash caused when opening the cloud replays menu after resizing the screen.
  • Fixed crash that would occur when returning to the front end from a battle.
  • Fixed crash that occurred while changing resolutions multiple times in a row.
  • Fixed Pontic Archers progression blocker on the equipment tree.


Around 70 gameplay-related fixes - including:

  • Significantly increased friendly fire silver penalty.
  • Pikes can no longer quickly reposition with a combination of Rapid Advance and Phalanx re-position.
  • Will now take friendly fire damage when two units Phalanx through each other frontally.
  • When using Throw Pila a unit only needs to be in valid intercept range to fire.
  • Rare cases where some units will little-no damage in combat have now been resolved.
  • Cavalry will no longer take damage when ordered to destroy stakes.
  • The Master Immunes Toolkit equipment for the Vitruvian Scorpion will now provide the correct stats.
  • Units will complete their last movement order before heading back to base while routing.
  • Fixed various cases where vision wasn't working completely as intended on ledges.
  • Can no longer 'hide' within cliff collision to gain unit invisibility.
  • Focus Fire will not go into cooldown if using another targeted ability while the unit is positioning to use Focus Fire.
  • Units that perform Wrath of Mars while chasing an enemy during Formed Combat will no longer trip themselves up.
  • Activating Focus Fire while already attacking will no longer break the ranged unit animation causing the unit to stop firing.
  • Deactivating Testudo while moving no longer causes the front line to carry on walking forwards while the rest of the unit stops to lower their shields
  • Projectiles fired using Focus Fire will stay within the targeting circle.
  • Can now use box selection for units even when drag-selecting from a capture point icon.
  • Units will now raise their shields when using Testudo while moving.
  • Rapidly issuing movement commands to a ledge will no longer causes units to stand still.
  • Light Artillery that are blocked from firing will no longer be restricted from firing for the rest of the battle.
  • Light Artillery should no longer be able to move when deployed.
  • Wardogs will now charge with their handlers when using Boudica's Fury if they are attached.
  • Wardogs now re-engage within their threatened range after anvil runs out.
  • Fixed inconsistencies in damage caused by Wardogs when Spears and Pikes are in Phalanx.
  • A small number of Wardog entities will no longer separate from each other when unleashed.
  • Deployables can no longer be placed onto ledges when placed below if the deployable is long enough to reach the ledge.
  • Improved speed and responsiveness of placing deployables.
  • Deployables can now be constructed behind a unit.
  • Cancelling the placement of the deployable by pressing right click no longer causes the unit to move to that position.
  • Units that are knocked down/will no longer stand up for a split second before going back down.
  • AoE effects will now apply to units that are not in vision but within the AoE radius.
  • Fixed an issue where it was possible for units to not receive the Secure Flanks morale buff, if they had been flanked in a previous engagement.
  • A unit pursuing a slower unit will no longer intermittently stop allowing the other unit to escape.
  • Ordering a unit to attack an enemy unit that has lost some entitles will no longer result in a portion of the unit attacking.
  • Can no longer target the health bar of an abandoned siege engine to attack the units that dropped it.
  • Fixed an occurrence where units can pass directly over a cliff in Capitoline Hill.
  • Missile units can change targets when docked to a ledge.
  • Pressing both shift keys at the same time will no longer lock waypoints.
  • No longer possible to change the units width when in Formed Combat.
  • Fixed a bug where Brace was deactivating the animation for Formed Combat and Testudo.
  • Pikes now turn when given attack orders to a unit directly behind them. Previously this wouldn't happen if they were already engaged.
  • Pikes are no longer immune to morale damage.
  • Fixed occasional issue where some Wardog entities would stand still while others would chase an enemy.
  • Focus Fire is no longer restricted on having line of sight of a unit.
  • Unit spacing for Light Artillery entities has been reduced was larger than it should have been.
  • Fixed some incorrect assignments of abilities for Barbarian units.
  • Fixed issue where entities would stay standing, even when dead.
  • Routed entities will no longer deactivate certain orders when units come into nearby contact.
  • Fixed various cases where units can become invisible in various different parts of maps.

User Interface

Around 150 user interface related fixes - including:

  • The 'Top Players' screen will now always show the same top two players to all players.
  • Alt-Tabbing while windowed will no longer cause the scoreboard to remain open.
  • Multiple order icon cooldowns no longer refreshes multiple times during its duration.
  • Should no longer get duplicate battles result notifications after a battle.
  • Loading screen should no longer occasionally show for around 20-40 seconds after loading reaches 100%.
  • PM'ing another player from the scoreboard will no longer result in chat switching between allied and battle chat.
  • Unable to select orders when routing. Additionally they will be greyed out to outline that they cannot be used.
  • When switching resolution the frontend scene will always fill the available game area.
  • Global chat can no longer be exploited for profanity using colour codes.
  • Commander talents panel now scales properly when changing resolution.
  • Newly selected Player Titles will display in the first battle they are used in.
  • Grid cell text on the battle mini-map no longer extends out of its bounding box when zooming in.
  • Scoreboard no longer displays on the deployment screen.
  • Friends list will now update to display if a player is online/offline without needing to reboot the game.
  • Can now click the name of a private message recipient to interact with them.
  • Live replays should no longer be available to view if the battle has ended.
  • Should now automatically go to the front end after a live replay ends.
  • Speed will switch to x1 in a live replay after catching up to the live game.
  • Fixed some issues with the live game filtering.
  • Clicking a players name in the scoreboard will now allow the option to add as a friend, send a message of view their profile.
  • Fixed erroneous tooltip information when hovering over the unit purchase button when the preceding unit hasn't been unlocked.
  • Order icons on the squad panel are now more darkened to it's clear enough to see the order duration.
  • Should now be able to take screenshots of the Main Menu, Player Battle Results and Profile.
  • Spartan achievement will now unlock after winning forty battles as Leonidas.
  • Leonidas wins now count towards the Epiphanes Autokrator achievement.
  • Germanicus achievement will now unlock after winning forty battles as Germanicus.
  • Africanus achievement will now unlock after winning forty battles at Scipio.
  • Lioness achievement will now unlock after winning forty battles as Boudica.
  • Boudica wins now count towards the Aesir Warlord achievement.
  • Corona Civica achievement no longer gets awarded to victors that did no damage during battle.
  • Corona Vallaris achievement should now be awarded to players who get First Blood.
  • Agitatus achievement will now unlock after using abilities thirty times in a battle.
  • Shattering Vercingetorix's unit during the tutorial no longer causes their unit icon to remain behind briefly after their health bar vanishes.
  • Capture bar will no longer animate quickly as if it was empty once a game ends through base capture.
  • There is now a padlock over the commander in the commander panel when it's locked.
  • Battle results panel now has the correct unit card colours on the second and third unit.
  • Battle interface no longer returns and partially conflicts with the death summary box if pressing F1 after losing all you units.
  • Premium time that is left will now display correctly when having less than one minute remaining.
  • Turning off the automatic restock option on consumables will no longer change the silver earning numbers on the post-battle rewards screen.
  • AI players will no longer be shown as disconnected on the scoreboard.
  • Premium Account logo will no longer display on an non-account holder's profile page.
  • Selecting a different unit in the army panel will no longer reset the camera.
  • Dropdown menus from the scoreboard can no longer be seen after releasing the tab key.
  • Fixed issue with multiple Spear Cavalry not having attack cursors.
  • Premium units in the army panel now highlight on hover.
  • Unit cards are now colored in the replays menu.
  • News header no longer bleeds into text when scrolling down to view.
  • Wardog stat breakdown now displayed alongside the handlers.
  • Can no longer change Titles while matchmaking.
  • Remove seconds reference in tooltips that mention Explosion Damage.
  • Flaming Focus Fire abilities now have a cursor icon when being aimed.
  • Currency tabs no longer appear greyed out when in a party.
  • Disabled ability to use a placeholder battlefield role icon.
  • Changing projectile type while constructing/deconstructing no longer hides the construction timer.
  • Commander Order tech tree now updates when swapping Commanders in the same screen.
  • Achievements/Decorations that require only one item for completion will not longer state the highest level has been earnt when it hasn't.
  • Fixed issue where additional deployment zones were off-screen for certain maps.
  • Unit Tabs in the profile now use the new icons.
  • Friendly Fire tooltip in the battle results will no longer appear when firing upon yourself.
  • Descriptions for Commander Abilities in the front-end have been updated to more accurately reflect the abilities' effects and limitations.
  • Numerous fixes to text issues in long and short unit descriptions.
  • Numerous fixes to ability tooltips.


Around 40 visual related fixes - including:

  • Spears are now visible when in Phalanx formation when viewed from a distance.
  • Pre-Deployment screen will no longer flicker when dragging around with the mouse cursor.
  • Melee units that are ordered to attack deployables will no longer have erratic movement.
  • Fixed a visual issue with ranged unit models when shooting.
  • Fixed some visual issues with the Phalanx attack animations.
  • Ordering a ranged unit to fire on a nearby unit and then ordering them to engage in melee will not cause the entities to slide into combat.
  • Fixed animation snapping if ranged units fire on unit with a small number of men left.
  • Greek Spear Cavalry no longer hold a sword and a spear in the same hand.
  • Fixed a visual issues when Shield Bash is used on units and viewed from a distance.
  • Augustan Lorica Hamata armor for Tier 6-7 Cavalry is no longer merging with other armour.
  • The armour models have been changed on the Republican Skirmishers, Equites and Legionary Cavalry to prevent clipping issues.
  • The Agema Cavalry and Somatophylakes now use the intended colour channels for their equipment.


  • Removed erroneous voice line that plays in the tutorial for non-English languages.
  • Now the client is fully localized (including voiceovers) into French, German, Russian, Polish, Spanish, Czech.
  • Fire sounds implemented for map-based fires (Salernum).
  • When in a party, pressing Play will now trigger Commander VO.
  • Ambush order now has a VO line.
  • Winning by capturing the enemy base triggers the correct victory VO.
  • Win/lose audio is no longer getting triggered at the start of a match.


  • [LOC] [All non-English] - Abilities header is now localised.
  • [LOC] [All non-English] - Time remaining tooltip when hovering over the time in a battle is now localised.
  • [LOC] [All non-English] - The friendly fire popup text which appears during battle is no longer misaligned in non-English languages.
  • [LOC] [FR|PL] - Victory/Defeat popup at the end of battle is now localised in various languages.
  • [LOC] [FR] - Updated image for keyboard displayed in the tutorial.
  • [LOC] [FR|ES|RU] - Text on the shop interface will no longer overlap with their icons.
  • [LOC] [JA|CZ|ES] - The 'allied' text when type in team chat is now localised.
  • [LOC] [JA|KR|ZH] - No longer have vertical characters/overlapping text for toggle.
  • [LOC] [ES|PL] - Chat ping wheel text no longer extends outside the box confines.
  • [LOC] [CZ|FR|ES] - Tech tree button no longer overlaps UI in smaller resolutions.
  • [LOC] [EN] - Sergeant now spelt correctly in English.
  • [LOC] [EN] - Greek units will now be able to purchase Council from Archimedes, rather than his less-esteemed cousin, Archimedies.
  • [LOC] [RU] - Play button no longer has different text on and off hover.


  • Windows keys should no longer be disabled while playing Arena in full-screen or windowed.
  • Can no longer boot multiple Arena executables from the Wargaming launcher.

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