Update 3.0.1 — Patch Notes

Improved: PvE

  • You can now play PvE in a party!
  • PvE has now become the main mode for the early game, with PvP being moved to T3+, this is to help the matchmaking stay consistent without splitting new players (and those using a new unit type) into two queues.
  • Alongside this, you can now play PvE no matter what tier your commander is. While it is still only available for the first three Unit Tiers due to AI limitations, the ability to play PvE is now entirely based on Unit Tier instead of Commander Tier.
  • PvE with parties is only available for Unit Tiers I - III and PVP with parties is only available for Unit Tiers III - X, to play PvP, you must have at least one T3+ unit in your squad.
  • Please note:

We are currently tracking PvE and PvP winrates separately. Sometime down the road, we will display the two independently, but we’re not sure exactly when this will happen. There will be diminished PvE rewards for the following situations:

      • T4 Commanders will receive 50% less Free Exp and Silver
      • T5+ Commanders will receive no Free Exp or Silver
      • In both of the above situations, you will still gain Unit Exp as normal, so you'll be able to rank up your T1 units

Improved: Parties

  • The first and most requested addition is a party unit composition panel to the squad menu. You can now see what units and tiers your party is bringing and if they are in the correct tier bracket, if there are issues, those units will be highlighted in red.
  • It is now the responsibility of the party leader to choose the game mode, and this choice will also be displayed on the squad panel.
  1. Re-worded the 'Play' button to display 'Ready' for party members (members can unready by clicking on the 'Cancel' button).
  2. The leader is always considered as 'Ready' and will only be able to select 'Play' when the party's unit composition fulfils all party and game mode checks.
  3. Game mode drop-down will be disabled for other members that join the party. Only the party leader can change the game mode to which all members will be notified and the interface updated to reflect the change.

Balancing & Content Changes:

  • We've been paying close attention to your feedback and observations about how the new Carthaginian units and abilities fit into the game. In conjunction with our own metrics, we’ve decided to tweak three abilities/consumables in this patch and to continue monitoring the faction's data carefully.

  • Consumable - Melqart horn:
    • Turn speed bonus reduced from 50% to 20%

  • Unit abilities:
    • Echo of Trebia:
      • The mobility bonuses offered were, generally speaking, too strong.
      • Speed bonus reduced from 40% to 20%
      • Turn speed bonus reduced from 60% to 20%

    • Shield Screen
      • The bonuses of the ability were not sufficient when compared to the negatives and the ability felt underpowered.
      • Charge Deflect bonus increased from 20% to 30%
      • Missile Block bonus increased from +20 to +35

  • Alongside these changes, we're making sure that we continue to track and adjust other factions and units to keep them in line with our designs.
  • As such, the following changes have been made to bring artillery, Roman cavalry and a couple of commander abilities closer to their intended power.

  • Units:
    • Some Roman cavalry units needed a minimal melee defence increase, the units were not performing well in melee combat, especially when considering Oath of Perseverance.
      • Celeres: melee defence increased from 56 to 59
      • Equites: melee defence increased from 59 to 61
      • Legionary Cavalry: melee defence increased from 62 to 65
    • Mounted Warband had a too high weapon damage for its tier bracket, and it was performing too well offensively in melee combat.
      • Base normal damage decreased from 192 to 186.
    • Artillery units were performing too well in offensive capacity vs normal units, but not well enough against elephants.
      • Bolt projectiles that high tier artillery has access to (though the T8+ ability) have had their normal to AP damage ratio changed so they penetrate heavily armoured units better and the reload has been reduced by one second to help improve damage per second output, especially when considering they shoot only one bolt at a time.
      • Non-bolt projectiles have had their AP and Normal damages decreased to bring their damage more in line with their design.
      • Note that these changes to artillery are just temporary fixes, and a more serious balance change is incoming in the near future.

      • Catapult
        • Missile AP damage reduced from 46 to 37
        • Missile Normal damage reduced from 417 to 334

      • Heavy Catapult
        • Missile AP damage reduced from 49 to 39
        • Missile Normal damage reduced from 441 to 353

      • Onager
        • Missile AP damage reduced from 51 to 40
        • Missile Normal damage reduced from 458 to 367

      • Heavy Onager
        • Missile AP damage reduced from 52 to 41
        • Missile Normal damage reduced from 465 to 373

      • Vitruvian Onager
        • Missile AP damage reduced from 52 to 41
        • Missile Normal damage reduced from 472 to 378

      • Ballista
        • Missile AP damage reduced from 54 to 43
        • Missile Normal damage reduced from 486 to 389
        • Bolt AP damage increased from 54 to 204
        • Bolt Normal damage reduced from 486 to 250
        • Bolt reload time reduced from 9 to 8 seconds

      • Heavy Ballista
        • Missile AP damage reduced from 57 to 45
        • Missile Normal damage reduced from 510 to 408
        • Bolt AP damage increased from 57 to 215
        • Bolt Normal damage reduced from 510 to 262
        • Bolt reload time reduced from 9 to 8 seconds

      • Vitruvian Ballista
        • Missile AP damage reduced from 60 to 47
        • Missile Normal damage reduced from 537 to 430
        • Bolt AP damage increased from 60 to 226
        • Bolt Normal damage reduced from 537 to 276
        • Bolt reload time reduced from 9 to 8 seconds

      • The damage multiplier vs elephants applied on heavy artillery projectiles has been increased from 5x to 10x.
        • With the current changes to heavy artillery projectiles, the damage vs elephants has to remain considerably strong, especially when comparing heavy artillery strength vs elephants and heavy artillery strength vs infantry.
    • Toxotai archers have had their Rapid Shot ability replaced with Rapid Fire.
      • This is meant to fix a logical inconsistency (bug fixing). The Rapid Fire unit ability was superseded by Barrage, but Barrage was unavailable to the unit because it's only tier 4. The result of this implementation meant that when Toxotai units were played with Cynane over tier 5, they would not have access to either Rapid Fire or Barrage. This is not the case anymore as Toxotai will have Rapid Shot.
      • Notice that Rapid Shot is identical in functionality to Rapid Fire.

  • Commanders:
    • Caesar:
      • Vidi: was providing too much target stability while moving the reticule in manual aim mode. This would, in turn, make artillery played with Caesar too accurate when switching targets.
        • Artillery expansion rate bonuses on talents reduced from a total of -100% to -50%.

    • Vercingetorix
      • Iron Discipline: The cooldown on this ability was too low, especially when considering the 40seconds duration. The opportunity cost for this ability was too low, making the ability too strong.
        • Total Cooldown has been increased from 60 seconds to 90 seconds, this was done through:
          • Added 3 new talent slots decreasing Cooldown by an accumulated total of -30s.

          • Base cooldown increased from 60s to 120s.

  • Tooltip Fixes:
    • Elephants 
      • have an invalid flag saying "Can't use when Knocked". 
        • This was changed from "Can't use when Knocked" to "Can't use when Knocked back."

  • Two new achievements - awarded as part of meeting the Faction Campaign objectives. These are the 'March of Factions' and 'March of Factions (Upgraded)' (name withstanding).
    • 'March of Factions' is awarded for fighting 60 battles as any faction using two commanders during the campaign. At least 15 battles must have been played with each commander and units must have been Tier V+
    • 'March of Factions (Upgraded)' is awarded for fighting 150 battles. Same usage conditions as above.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a crash caused when rapidly swapping units in the squad panel. 
  • No longer able to exploit cavalry and melee infantry charges to take zero damage going through wooden stakes.
  • The balance of power interface will no longer show as '0' when there is still a few entities alive. 
  • Fixed audio issues where the 'tension' style music would play throughout the entirety of a PvE battle. 
  • Dragging a non-discounted unit will no longer show a random 0% discount banner briefly.
  • Silver discounts for adding units to the squad will now display correctly and does not require a purchase of the unit with XP beforehand. 

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