Update 3.1 is now live!


We have listened to your feedback on Total War: ARENA 3.0 and Open Beta. In update 3.1, we address your concerns and requests with some heavy-lifting on balance, quality of life and CPU requirements.

Update 3.1 is now live!
  • You offered abundant feedback about balance throughout Open Beta and using our first Public Test Server, and we want to thank all of you for that. Based on your comments and suggestions, we rebalanced our units and Commanders, including our Elephants. Although this update does not address the Commander abilities being tied to unit Tiers, please know that this is the next step we intend to take in the future.
  • In this patch, Friendly fire has been revamped across the board, from hoplite phalanxes to projectiles, resulting in a less frustrating experience for all.
  • We also bring you a new and improved camera, which you can use in addition to our current one. It will provide you with the wider range of sight that you asked for.
  • Many of you suffered from CPU lag. In 3.1, we optimized our game to improve your FPS as much as possible.
  • We also bring you a whole new range of possibilities. Introducing: strikes! Now all melee units will have short-cooldown abilities to strike their enemies, damaging and knocking them back. This will make the melee grind more dynamic, and open more tactical options to commanders.
  • Finally, let’s not forget our newest map, Oasis. Watch the spotlight here.

  • For more detail, you can find the complete 3.1 patch notes.


A fix will be deployed shortly after update 3.1 goes live.

— We have discovered an issue with Custom battles, where after exiting a Custom battle lobby, Custom battles become unavailable for 10 minutes. This issue only occurs after leaving the lobby, and players already in a Custom battle lobby can keep playing without encountering problems.
— Changing any options in the game sets back your camera type to Classic
— A desynchronization occurs when watching cloud replays
— 'Corona Civica' achievement can be granted to the wrong player
— Player’s units are not updated correctly in private lobby

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