Thureos Spearmen join the battlefield!


These highly trained and surprisingly mobile Greeks carry a couple of javelins on their backs, adding depth and tactical options to their Commanders.

Wearing only the lightest of armors, the Thureophoroi have unrivaled mobility, which paired with their ability to Throw Javelins make them the perfect tool for irregular warfare. In order to increase their survivability on the battlefield, they use sturdy Shields, from which this unit has gained its name. If cornered, Thureophoroi can still enter Hoplite Phalanx and use the Thrust ability to discourage tougher foes.

Under the command of Miltiades, Thureos Spearmen are sure to surprise all foes with their blitz-like mobility and solid fighting skills. Archers beware. These spearmen will not sit down and pray for you to simply go away.

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