Know your results: Faction Campaign



The epic Faction Campaign that saw you leading the armies of Rome, Greece, and Barbarians into battle, has finished. You fought bravely over the last three weeks; ancient generals would be proud of you. But all battles must have victors so here are the best commanders of the Barbarian week and the entire campaign!

Week 1: Faction Campaign — Rome

For a week, you’ve been marching under Roman aquilae, crushing adversaries of the Empire. Press the button to see how well you have fared!

Week 1: Faction Campaign — Greece

This last week, you’ve been commanding sturdy Hellenic phalanxes and keen-eyed archers. Hit the button and learn what the Fates have brought you!

Week 3: Faction Campaign—Barbarians, and the Final Results

A week ago, you answered a rallying cry and led roving bands of forest-dwellers into battle. Click on the button to check who amassed the most loot—and see the outcome of the entire Faction Campaign!

Fortune favors the bold—who also reap the spoils of war.

  • Unit customization items—Harpy Hoplon (Greece), Scutum of Romulus and Remus (Rome), and the Horse Shield (Barbarians)—will be within the next few days).
  • Faction Campaign Medals and upgraded Faction Campaign Medals will be awarded within the next few days.
  • War Dogs (Tier VIII Premium unit) will be delivered to their new masters very soon.

Faction Campaign participants awarded a 25% or 50% discount on War Dogs may redeem it now. The rebate will be available until February 26.

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