Player Relation Message: For the Community by the Community


For the past few months, we have seen the community grow: you are on Discord, giving us feedback and helping each other out, and on Reddit, bringing us your questions, and engaging in constructive discussions around content, balance, and activities. These conversations on our community-run platforms have demonstrated to us how important it is for us as developers and publishers to be a part of the community, rather than apart from it.

Your feedback continues to be an invaluable part of developing Total War: ARENA and the game cannot do without it. You’ve also made clear to us that we can do a better job of making it easier for you to interact with the team behind TWA. Right now we are hosting 3 different English language forums, one in North America, one in Europe and one in Asia/Pacifica. Additionally we continue to support a vibrant and active Russian language community on our CIS regional forum. This structure, while a necessity due to our account management systems, does not promote healthy community nor present the same opportunity for all players to 1. See developer posts and responses or 2. Give much opportunity for our team to see your thoughts and feedback.

This is a challenge facing any game that is played on a global scale, with many parts of the world left feeling “second-class” and out of the loop regarding game communication. For this reason, we’ve made a decision to centralize our social media channels where possible, and to bring our English language community together in one place.

Starting next week, we will be discontinuing all non-Russian language official regional forums and instead directing you to the player managed Total War: ARENA subreddit. From today on, you will continue to see us on Discord, Reddit, Twitch, and other social media platforms.

This change empowers us to accomplish two goals:

  1. Give the players an English language forum platform that is universally understood to be the place to go for both developer and community interactions.
  2. Offer the development team a single, focused, forum to read, engage, and digest your feedback.

This transition doesn’t mean that official forums are gone for forever. We will use this opportunity to work towards a larger long-term goal: unifying all players in a global community platform and creating new channels where you can participate in focused development related conversation and provide direct game-related feedback in a way that is organized and data driven.

We are extremely fortunate to have a close relationship with both moderation teams of both /r/totalwararena and the official Community Discord server. Over the coming months, we will be working directly with both teams, continuing to leverage our relationships with both platforms to your benefit. Some examples of how this will work:

  • With each new update, we will coordinate with the subreddit moderation team to have a centralized bug thread where players can post emergent issues with new patches. Your participation, whether by upvoting the most common and game impacting bugs, or directly submitting issues, will be more important than ever. This will augment our already existing support tools available through customer service.
  • We will commit to a regular cadence of AMAs, giving you more opportunity to ask your questions, and a higher likelihood that you’ll get an answer directly from the development team.
  • We will maintain clear and constant lines of communication with the moderation team to alert you of game impacting service issues. That line of communication goes both ways, as the moderation team will be able to contact us directly to tell us about issues they see in real time through subreddit posts.
  • Through cooperation with the moderation team, we are investigating the possibility of hosting Q&A sessions on the community Discord server that can then be recorded and redistributed to the broader community.
  • We have already established a #bugs channel on the official Discord server. In this channel you will find members of both the Creative Assembly D and Wargaming Quality Assurance teams who monitor this channel throughout their workweeks.


But what happens to non-English player communities?

At this stage, we are still working on making the game the best it can be for our official launch. Fixing bugs and dealing with balance issues are our absolute priorities. To guarantee the flow of information, we will be focusing on communications in English and Russian primarily.

However, just like you, our staff isn’t only English-speaking. Our team will include PlasmaJuice, who will be your point of contact for Russian, Akriom, your French-speaking interlocuteur, and Sasha_JP, your neighborhood Japanese-speaker. They are here to gather your feedback, help you with issues, and make sure you have the best experience possible going forward.

Does that mean I can’t contribute in other languages?

Not at all! We welcome contributions in all languages and will be extending a welcoming hand to anyone in the community who wants to help spread the Total War: ARENA love around. If you stream in German, write a Wiki in Korean, run a Discord channel in Spanish… reach out to us! We will make sure you deserve the exposure you deserve for all your hard work.

Our goal is to empower you moving forward. As always, thank you for your continued support Commanders, and see we hope to see you soon on the battlefield.
  • Andy "Zwillinger" Belford, Director of Community, Wargaming Alliance
  • David "DoggyKalhoon" Dauvilliers, Player Relation Manager, TWA

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