Community Forge #7


Welcome to our seventh Community Forge, presenting the latest awesome content created by you, our community!

If you’re new to the game or still unsure who should be your next commander, Arx strategy has you covered. All Commanders are reviewed and explained in this video to give you a great understanding of their mains strengths and playstyle.

If you are looking for an informative channel with commentary on his decisions, Red gaming is for you. Here’s a video based on Hannibal with sword infantry dealing great damage to the enemy team.

Looking for more information to help you make some tactical choices? Wondering if the Carthaginian cavalry is any good? Check out this guide by Jackie Fish. He goes around everything you need to know in regards to this unit type.

Into atmospheric ambiance and role playing? Robert_Oakridge will serve you right! Follow his barbarian invasion from Monday to Friday between 21:00 and 01:00 GMT on his Twitch channel where you’ll find a costumed host, complete with themed music and great barbarian gameplay from an experienced player.

In need of more gameplay? Mitophir is here for a great show of skill, playing with all factions. Follow him to learn and adapt from watching each situation he faces.

That’s all for this week! You can check out any previous Community Forge articles below. 

If you are creating content for Total War: ARENA, please do let us know, as we’re always happy to feature new content in the Community Forge! You can either contact us on Twitter or Facebook, or send a ping to Akriom on Discord.

Until next week, see you on the battlefield!

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